Ways to Give

Charitable Giving Takes Many Forms

The personalized service the Community Foundation offers means it’s easy to arrange any type of gift to an existing fund or use those assets to create a fund. Cash and marketable securities are common contributions, but we will work with donors and professional advisors to help them reach philanthropy goals using any of the following types of assets.

Cash is the fastest, simplest way to make a gift, and it can be immediately transferred to an existing fund or establish a new one, from which you can make grants or award scholarships.

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds that have appreciated over time provide a greater tax benefit to you than gifts of cash. They’re easily transferable as well.

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Real estate makes an excellent charitable gift. Your home, investment property, vacation homes and land can be used for charitable purposes. You may also consider donating art or other collectibles of value.

Retirement plans can be decimated by taxes at the end of life. Using these assets to add to or create a fund preserves their value for carrying out your charitable wishes.

  • Charitable IRA Rollovers: If you are 70 ½ or older, you can contribute up to $100,000 tax-free from a traditional IRA, lowering your adjusted gross income while supporting the causes that you care about (IRA distributions may not be used for donor-advised funds, but can be used to establish an IRA Rollover Fund or Designated Fund for the nonprofits of your choice). Note: The SECURE Act, passed in late 2019, increased the age at which IRA owners must begin required minimum distributions (RMDs) to 72. The age for qualified charitable distributions remains 70 ½, however, creating a one-to-two-year window in which IRA distributions qualify as charitable contributions but not as RMDs.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities: When you establish a Charitable Gift Annuity at age 70 ½ or older, you can receive guaranteed income for life and benefit from an immediate income tax deduction. Later, the remainder becomes an endowed fund that will forever support the causes important to you.

TEXT: Establish your charitable fund by naming the Community Foundation as your life insurance beneficiary or purchase a policy in the foundation’s name.

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